Welcome to the Glenwood

We are a family run business that has been happily serving our customers for over 57 years. Glenwood serves high quality fast food. Favorites include our famous hot dog, lobster roll and of course our homemade onion rings. We offer a variety of toppings
for our hot dogs but we are known for our hot relish.

We recently just upgraded our hamburgers to a bigger patty and to a fresh certified angus beef burger. We offer the freshest seafood, which is lightly breaded and then fried to perfection.

We offer a variety of chicken (grilled, fried, tenders), grill cheeses and a great tuna sandwich. Our Onion rings are made fresh daily. We peel, slice, ring and then lightly bread them. We have a stellar French fry that only gets better with chili and cheese.  

Hours: 11am to 10pm

Chili cheese dog is my choice at this vintage restaurant. Don't forget to order a side of fries. Great choice for those lazy nights when you do not want to cook or dine anywhere fancy....
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Sometimes when I catch myself really wanting some really good onion rings and a hot dog, this place comes to mind....
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" Two dogs, 1 Burger, 2 French." The first thing you'll surely notice about this spot is the fashion in which your order is taken. While in a cafeteria style line, you'll be asked for your order by a member of the staff, usually someone with a ...
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